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September 2013

Steven Shaver creates
trophies from motorcycle
parts and golf balls for
the Sons of Anarchy
(TV show), charity
golf tournament at
Trump National.

April 2013 -
Corporate awards for GE made from recycled computer parts and vintage GE radio tubes.  Artist Steven Shaver.

Steven Shaver creates
corporate awards from
recycled computer parts
and vintage GE tubes
for General Electric's
Digital Summit

April 2012 -
Movie prop trophy made from recycled motorcyle and car parts.  Based on character's facination with Fantasy Football and Sophia Loren and building things.  Artist Steven Shaver.
Steven Shaver creates
a movie prop sculpture
from recycled auto and
motorcycle parts for the
movie, The Three E's.

January 2010 -
Gift clocks made from recycled car gears and Michigan license plates for CEO's and VIP's attending the North American Int'l Auto Show in Detroit.  Artist Steven Shaver.
Steven Shaver creates
55 gift clocks made
from recycled Michigan
license plates and
car gears for the 2010
North American Int'l
Auto Show in Detroit.
Recipients included:
CEO's of GM, Ford
and Domino's Pizza;
Indycar champion,
Helio Castroneves;
racing industry mogul,
Roger Pensky and
mayor of Detroit,
David Bing.


Helping to preserve the planet one "part" at a time  through functional art.

Trophies made from car parts and Swarovski crystals for the 2006 ESPN GM King of Bling celebrity car show.  Artist Steven Shaver.Seen on American Pickers.  Giant wall clock made from a 1950s Nash radiator grill revealing copper and mixed metals.  Artist Steven Shaver.Custom automotive furniture for a car shop made with Firebird parts.  Artist Steven Shaver.

Steven Shaver Designs

Growing up in Los Gatos, California swinging a tennis racket was more common for Steven Shaver than swinging a hammer.  "Tool time" would come later.  He went on to study at San Diego State University and graduated in 1991 with a B.A. degree in International Business and completing industrial design courses at San Jose State University.  Steven never imagined that the career direction he would ultimately choose would take him down an artistic path of creating one-of-a-kind gifts, furnishings, awards and cufflinks made from recycled car parts, license plates, vintage artifacts and other everyday objects for enthusiasts, major companies and celebrity events.

A broken car visor would make history…In 1996 a random trip to a Pick-n-Pull salvage yard in San Jose, CA to replace his car's broken sun visor would put Steven on course for what would become his creative passion and business.  At the salvage yard he saw endless rows of abandoned old cars from the past and marvelous looking parts half buried in the dirt.  The parts resembled something from the “stars”, with their "celestial" forms and intricate engineering and a "story to tell".  This was the "ah-ha" moment!  Although he knew very little about their automotive functions, he could envision their “artistic” purposes.  Steven wanted to give new life to these treasures that would otherwise rust away in the junkyard or be melted down for scrap, so he took a trunk load of parts home and began creating.  He furnished his bachelor pad with his “found art” and started his business by showing his creations at car shows, art festivals and a TV auction.  They were a hit and he knew he was on to something!  In his spare time, Steven developed his designs, learned how to use tools and understand the world of automobiles while working in the property management field for nearly a decade.  In 2003 he finally took the leap to pursue his business full time.  Life changed again in a big way when Steven and his wife welcomed the birth of their two boys in 2008 and 2010.  After his wife went back to work, Steven took over the fulltime role of taking care of their boys while running his creative and growing business!

Through it all Steven's one-of-a-kind creations have been featured in major newspapers and magazines, shown on TV for ESPN GM King of Bling and American Pickers, made for the major car companies; CEO's from GM, Ford, VW, Mercedes Benz USA and Domino's Pizza; humanitarian Millard Fuller, the co-founder of Habitat for Humanity; and celebrities and achievers such as Jay Leno, Hugh Hefner, Nicolas Cage, Snoop Dogg (Lion), Ice_T, Ludacris, Cedric the Entertainer, Chip Foose, Roger Pensky, Dwayne Wade, Bernard Hopkins, Helio Castroneves and David Bing (mayor of Detroit).  Steven has also done projects for other industry giants such as Google, General Electric, Hewlett-Packard and The Boston Consulting Group given to recipients globally in Russia, Germany, Switzerland, France, Japan, China and India.

Above all, Steven finds great reward and motivation in knowing that his art will have lasting meaning for the recipients, tell the story and give new life to the part and help the planet.

Artist Steven Shaver looking through gear hole.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...
Steven Shaver
Artist and Founder, Steven Shaver
Steven Shaver Designs
(310) 707-8160


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