Unique gifts, furnishings and awards - handcrafted from car parts and other industrial found art -
for your unique home, office and garage or special event.

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CHOOSE AND CRUISE the custom corporate project categories:  special event trophies and awards, celebrity and CEO gifts, car part furniture and decor for the lobby, dealership or shop and personalized, thank you gifts for clients, employee recognition, recycled awards anniversary or retirement and tradeshow promotional items.

Stand aPART from the rest...

Looking for unique, distinctive, custom corporate gifts, decor, trophies, eco friendly awards or premium promotional items?  Steven Shaver's creations have been made for some of the best companies and CEO’s including Mercedes Benz USA, GM, VW North America, Honda, Red Bull Racing, IBM, Hewlett Packard, Wachovia Securities, Texas Instruments, DUB and the San Francisco Environmental Dept.; and have been presented at upscale events to celebrities and industry leaders such as Hugh Hefner, Jay Leno, Nicolas Cage, Dwayne Wade, Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, Cedric the Entertainer, Chip Foose, Ralph Gilles and the late humanitarian Millard Fuller, founder of Habitat for Humanity.  With his resourcefulness and palette of parts and materials from cars, motorcycles, bicycles, computers, vintage found objects and industrial machinery (or your company's recycled or obsolete parts or materials) he can create something "star worthy" tailored to your special event or occasion that the recipients will love and become part of the experience.  Give something that will stand apart from the rest.

To discuss a special project or gifting occasion, call 310.542.5669  9-5 PST or email: 

Your PARTner for all special awards and gift occasions and decorations.  What can Steven create for you?


GM "King of Bling" car part trophies on stage.  Artist Steven Shaver.
corporate projects:  custom trophies & awards
featured example:  ESPN GM "King of Bling" car part trophies


Mercedes part gift clock for Hugh Hefner made by artist Steven Shaver.
corporate projects:  celebrity and CEO gifts
featured example:   thank you gift made from car parts for Hugh Hefner - Playboy


corporate projects:  lobby decor
featured example:  Giant lobby clock made from engine parts for Gates Corp.


Custom automotive furniture for a car shop made with Firebird parts.  Artist Steven Shaver.
corporate projects:  shop and dealership car part furniture

featured example:   shop and lobby sofa and tables made from car parts.


Recycled promotional item magnets created for HP using their recycled computer plastics.  Artist Steven Shaver.Recycled computer scrap framed in wood as a recycled award.  Artist Steven Shaver.
corporate projects:  eco promotional items and gifts made from recycled materials
featured example:   A mosaic of recycled HP computer plastics finds a second life as promotional item magnets for HP's recycling dept.  Recycled computer scrap showcased as a recycled award and framed art.


Engraved corporate gift made from a brass gear.  Artist Steven Shaver.
corporate projects:  engraved thank you gifts, mementos and promotional items
featured example:  Engraved "Good to Great" company seminar memento made from a car part.



STEVEN SHAVER DESIGNS . ph:  310.542.5669  9-5 PST . fax:  509-757-9258 . steven@stevenshaver.com
mail:  4315 W. 179th St. Torrance, CA 90504 USA . 
Copyright 2007 Steven Shaver Designs.  All rights reserved.




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