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Individual Enthusiast's Gallery

You name the car or other interest and Steven will find and create something special from recycled parts, materials or antiques.

Here you will discover examples of unique and meaningful one-of-a-kind custom made gifts, clocks, lamps, furnishings and more handcrafted for individuals from recycled and repurposed parts from just about ANY car, vehicle or other interest of your choice.  Make it even more personalized with engraving or made with your parts.  Unforgettable gifts for guys as functional art for a special anniversary, graduation, retirement, Father's Day, Christmas or any occasion.

If you see something here you like here, Steven can create something specific to your gift giving occasion or home, office, garage or shop decorating.  For pricing and details please contact steven at (310) 707-8160 9-6 PST or email: 
steven@stevenshaver.com.  Also be sure to check out our Corporate Projects Gallery.

See why car collectors turn to Steven to create something worthy of displaying in their garage along side their prized cars...

"I'm glad you went with your heart and made such perfect pieces from reused car parts.  I cringe when I see a car crushed in the crusher.  What a waste that is.  Keep up the good work man...Love it!!"  Jim - N. Carolina

Engine cover wall clock

Wall clock plaque made from a Dodge Viper gear.
Dodge Viper gear clock plaque

Dodge Viper piston desk clock

VW fan wall wall clock

transmission coffee table

vintage VW cylinder desk clock

Chrysler oil pump cover wall clock

brake rotor wall clock

Chevy parts clock plaque

Camaro parts wall clock

Chevy parts clock on diamond plate

computer part wall clock

gear vintage Ford tag clock

record bike sprocket kickstand clock

car gear vintage record clock

bicycle sprocket license plate clock

gear vintage GM Detroit tag clock

Busted gears and piston rod trophy

Montana license plate gear clock.  Artist Steven Shaver.
Montana license plate gear clock

Ford bearings & badge belt buckle

Alaska license plate gear clock

Quebec license plate gear clock

Chrysler rod bearing cufflinks

Chevy gear clock with Flint factory tag

Wyoming license plate belt buckles - custom made

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