Unique gifts, furnishings and awards - handcrafted from car parts and other industrial found art -
for your unique home, office, garage or special event.

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Artist Steven Shaver creates unique functional art, gifts, sculptures, jewelry, clocks, lamps, furniture, engraved awards, trophies and promotional items handcrafted with recycled and repurposed parts and materials from classic cars, computers, motorcycles, bicycles, vintage tools, antiques, buildings, boats, and more - and gives them an "artistic" function to be part of your unique home, garage, office or special event.

His creations have been made for some of the best companies, CEO's, celebrities and collectors.  What can Steven for you?

Custom art pieces can be crafted from parts and materials from just about ANY car or other interests of your choice antiques or found objects!  We will find the parts or send us your found art objects or antiques!


Big modern wall clock and weather instruments assemblage made with a GM flywheel.  Artist Steven Shaver.
main products gift line - << START HERE e
featured example:  GM flywheel clock with weather gauges or time zones


Large wall clock made from a recycled, vintage airplane gear.  Artist Steven Shaver.
one-of-a-kind:  recycled functional art, sculptures and decor
featured example:  Vintage airplane turbine engine gear wall clock


GM King of Bling Trophy custom made with chrome car parts and Swarovski crystals.  Artist Steven Shaver.
custom corporate projects:  gifts, decor, trophies & awards
featured example:  ESPN GM "King of Bling" car part trophy

custom enthusiast projects: gifts and decor
featured example:  Engraved desk clock made from 1951 Chevy truck gears.


Custom automotive furniture for a car shop made with Firebird parts.  Artist Steven Shaver.Table made from a recycled auto transmission case and flywheel parts.  Artist Steven Shaver.
custom made car part furniture

featured example:  Firebird  parts car sofa and tables.  Transmission case table.


Metal bracelet made from used Dodge Viper race car bearings.  Artist Steven Shaver.
jewelry made from car parts and industrial materials
featured example:  Our Auto Bearing Bracelet™ - Dodge Viper part

Bicycles link collage t-shirt by artist Steven Shaver.
Check out my other store for unique bicycle, boat and airplane themed t-shirts and other printed items ...

unique t-shirts - other store at Cafepress.com

Check out my other store for more jewelry made from recycled auto parts and more...


  STEVEN SHAVER DESIGNS . ph:  310.542.5669  9-5 PST . fax:  509-757-9258 . steven@stevenshaver.com
mail:  4315 W. 179th St. Torrance, CA 90504 USA .  ©
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