Unique gifts, furnishings and awards - handcrafted from car parts and other industrial found art -
for your unique home, office, garage or special event.

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Custom automotive furniture for a car shop made with Firebird parts.  Artist Steven Shaver.
custom car furniture made from Firebird parts.


Hand crafted by artist Steven Shaver

Car part couch bench, brake rotor tables, wheel rim tables, transmission case tables, tire tables, and steering wheel and hub cap tables

Bring your ride into the room.

Steven originally designed a collection of  automotive furniture for an upscale car shop made from Firebird / Trans Am parts.  The car furniture included a pair of coffee tables made from brake rotors, a center table made from a chrome wheel rim and an upholstered sofa bench made with wheel rims and a new 1960's / 70's Firebird trunk lid and spoiler!  It was such a big hit that he is now is making his tables and car sofa bench available to you customized with colors, lettering and emblems based on your favorite cars.

$450.00 Chrome "Coffee Brake" Rotors Table:  customized with your choice of wheel emblem and stripes.  14" glass top included.
$675.00 Chrome Rim Table:  customized with your choice of wheel emblem, car lettering and stripes.  24" glass top included. (not shown)
$499.00 Supply Your Rim:  your rim customized with your choice of wheel emblem, car lettering and stripes.  5 leg hydraulic pedestal or stationary base.  24" glass top included.
$2999.00 Car Couch:  customized with your choice of car upholstery colors and embroidered car lettering and emblems on wheel rims.

Steven created these unique automotive themed tables made with a variety of car parts based on the customers requests.  (Skinny dragster tire as centerpiece for conference room table, Ferrari style wheel rim table, Mercedes Benz AMG wheel rim table, flywheel transmission case table, wood steering wheel and 60's hub cap table, transmission case and flywheel table and 1956 Chevy Bel-Air trunk lid desk.)

Call for pricing on these types of custom auto part furniture.
To discuss your custom car part furniture, please contact Steven at 310.542.5669 
9-5 PST
or send an email to:  steven@stevenshaver.com.

Cool automotive furniture to rev up or add "bling" to a car themed room, lobby or special event.

Table made from a wheel rim customized with Ferrari style with yellow color and emblem.  Artist Steven Shaver.Lobby table made from a Mercedes Benz AMG rim.  Artist Steven Shaver.Custom table made with a transmission case and flywheel.  Artist Steven Shaver.Custom end table made with a wood steering wheel and 1964 Impala hubcapl.  Artist Steven Shaver.Table made from a recycled auto transmission case and flywheel parts.  Artist Steven Shaver.Office desk made from a restored, classic 1956 Chevy Bel-Air trunk lid.

Custom made brake rotors table.  Automotive themed furniture.  Artist Steven Shaver.Custom made wheel rim table.  Automotive themed furniture.  Artist Steven Shaver.

Conference room table centerpiece made with a dragster tire rim and emblem with glass top.  Artist Steven Shaver.
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STEVEN SHAVER DESIGNS . ph:  310.542.5669  9-5 PST . fax:  509-757-9258 . steven@stevenshaver.com
mail:  4315 W. 179th St. Torrance, CA 90504 USA . 
Copyright 2007 Steven Shaver Designs.  All rights reserved.




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