Unique gifts, furnishings and awards - handcrafted from car parts and other industrial found art -
for your unique home, office, garage or special event.

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Modern industrial wall clock made from Chevy 350 V8 engine car parts.  Artist Steven Shaver.
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Custom Options:
Engraved disc or plate with your message.
Clocks can be custom made with the engine parts and emblem from ANY car of your choice.  Prices may vary.

Custom examples to the right:
#1 and #2: Custom wall clocks made from 1964 Ford Fairlane parts and engraving.
#3 to #5: Chevy 350 engine parts clocks customized with Firebird emblem, Corvette emblem on aluminum plaque and Acura NSX logo.
#6: Dodge Viper engine parts wall clock.


    Chain Reaction™

    What drives your time?™

    This cool, industrial wall clock is handcrafted from "old school" Chevrolet auto small-block 350 V8 engine parts - considered one of the greatest automobile engines of the 20th century.

  • Timing gears powder coated in textured black with stainless steel chain.

  • Part # insignia engraved into gears.

  • Open gear holes for minimalist design.  12 holes perfectly mark the time.

  • Clock powered by a precise, Quartz component with brushed aluminum hands and crescent moon second hand.

  • AA battery included.

    Cool car part gift clock.  The perfect decor for any automotive or industrial art themed home, garage or office. 
    Designed by artist Steven Shaver.

    Price $79.00
    - clock with open holes as shown above left.  Shipping $12.00 U.S.

    OTHER CUSTOM DESIGN EXAMPLES (clocks below are customer examples - available upon request - price varies)
  • Your favorite car's emblem or engraved disc added to the gear and a dial with colors matching your favorite car.

  • Clock custom made with engine parts from your favorite car of choice.

  • Clock on metal plaque with engraved plate.

    Custom wall clock made from 1964  Ford Fairlane engine gears.
    Custom wall clock made from 1964  Ford Fairlane car engine parts.Custom wall clock made from Chevy engine parts and Firebird emblem.Chevy 350 engiine parts wall clock on brushed aluminum plaque with engraved plate.  Artist Steven Shaver.Chevy engine parts wall clock with Acura NSX emblem.  Artist Steven Shaver.Wall clock made from recycled Dodge Viper engine parts.  Artist Steven Shaver.

    Click on images to enlarge.

    For pricing for custom engraving, plaque and design, please contact Steven at
    310.542.5669  9-5 PST
    or by email at steven@stevenshaver.com.

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STEVEN SHAVER DESIGNS . ph:  310.542.5669  9-5 PST . fax:  509-757-9258 . steven@stevenshaver.com
mail:  4315 W. 179th St. Torrance, CA 90504 USA . 
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