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January 2010 -
Gift clocks made from recycled car gears and Michigan license plates for CEO's and VIP's attending the North American Int'l Auto Show in Detroit.  Artist Steven Shaver.
Steven Shaver creates
55 gift clocks made
from recycled Michigan
license plates and
car gears for the 2010
North American Int'l
Auto Show in Detroit.
Recipients included:
CEO's of GM, Ford
and Domino's Pizza;
Indycar champion
Helio Castroneves and
racing industry mogul
Roger Pensky and
Detroit mayor
David Bing.

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Here are just some of the things customers and companies are saying about Steven Shaver's artwork...

"We live in a world where one can purchase anything imaginable in quantities.  However, Steven you have created a one-of-a-kind gift.  It might be possible to make something similar but never identical."  
(last award for Millard Fuller post mortem)
Linda Fuller, Co-founder of Habitat for Humanity

"Thank you so much for your hard work and artistic efforts as well.  You really did an outstanding job of getting the plaques to look and feel like something done by the Volkswagen brand.  They reflected the style, color and prestige that we were looking for."  (retirement gifts for former CEO of VW America and President of Marketing)
Clark C., Volkswagen of America, Inc.

"The clocks were a hit and the talk of most of the CEO’s in the room. The clocks were placed at each place setting at their table. It was amazing to see these multimillion dollar business moguls walking out of the event with the clocks in hand. I can not tell you how pleased we were to give such a “knock out” gift. It could not be more perfect."  
Jennifer S., Charter One Bank (sponsor of the 2010 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan)

"The piston mementos you made were very well received by members of the Ford team.  Additionally, the lamp will be in my office in the World Headquarters."
Jeff S., Ford Motor Co.

"The recipients loved the trophies!  And, your creativity and use of architectural tools to create these encouraged everyone to work harder to win a trophy next year. Thanks for working with us on this project!"
Anne D., the American Institute of Architects

"The rim tables are fabulous!  We all love them!  I will certainly be glad to recommend you and your work to any future clients..."
D. Lowe

"The package just arrived and they (awards) are AWESOME!  What an OUTSTANDING product!  Thank you!!!"
Marc B., Senior V.P. Midwest Region, Wachovia Securities, Inc.

"I admire both your artistry (or would that be PARTistry) and your courage to open a new business...."
J. Shisler

"The awards look great! They arrived last week and I was very pleased. It's especially neat that the license plates correspond with each state/ province. Thank you for your craftsmanship and for your attention to detail - it shows.  I would recommend your work and service to others."
Laura F., Stantec Consulting Inc.

"I'm glad you went with your heart and made such perfect pieces from reused car parts.  I cringe when I see a car crushed in the crusher.  What a waste that is.  Keep up the good work man...Love it!!"
J. - N. Carolina

"WOW!  I
love the bracelet. I wish my husband's birthday came sooner so I could give it to him right away!  Just the right mixture of car and rock. This cuff is tuff!"
E. Brown

"I received the clock...I absolutely love it and can't wait to see it installed in my husband's home office."
I. Tonogan

I LOVE the clock. The proportions are so great. When I look at it I see the universe turning and hear the words carpe diem."
S. Meyers

"The clock arrived a few days ago and it was very much loved by the recipient.  Thanks very much for your excellent service."
V. Maier

"The clock is very distinctive and transcend its original purpose. It is a functional, repurposed work of art!  Thanks so much! Very satisfied. (And it's recipient loves it too)."

M. Krienke

"So cool, it was hard to give this one away. :-)"
T. Fosmark


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